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The view from my soapbox: giving and giving


It hit me recently that I am truly a happy, I am not stressed or anything it was other people that were bringing me down. I tend to let other people beat me down from time to time or do whatever I can to make other’s happy and that I am ignoring my own wants and needs in the process. That is what was making me unhappy. Sure, I am naturally a giving person I have a big heart and I care so much for others but I have gotten to the point that I just bent over so far backwards being so considerate to others that I have ignored myself in the process. This is what has been stressing me out and making me unhappy. The thought of making someone I care about unhappy just breaks my heart and I need to learn to realize that if they truly care about me as much as they say that they will understand that I need to be myself and that there are times I need to learn to draw the line.

I just plain need to learn when to draw the line, when to know that I need to stop bending so far backwards that I can’t get up or when to say “No”. When do you figure out when is the right time to draw the line? In a couple of instances, I feel as if I have done so much to be considerate in certain situations that I can no longer be myself anymore. If I am losing myself in the process – that is a good time to draw the line right?