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The View from my Soapbox: Grr Arrg. Politics.

Usually, I try to stay out of political conversations because things get so heated but I am really tired of seeing people make certain comments. Especially when they make me feel like they are trying to tell me I have to be ashamed for who I am or for my morals or views. It also annoys me when they try to label me as a certain party. I am a multi-faceted person and I have been told that I am a political candidate’s worst nightmare. I am educated and I don’t swing toward either party. I’m the one that you have to work harder to convince that all the issues that are important to me are important to you as well. A candidate can talk to me about how they are going to better the economy until they are blue in the face, but that is only one important issue to me.

My vote doesn’t happen until after I have given my careful thought into it. I shouldn’t have to feel ashamed for who I am or who I am going to vote for. I will vote for who I HOPE will do the best to better our country.

Okay, that is it – I am off my soapbox and end of discussion.