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Diary of an ADD WoW Player

I got back into playing World of Warcraft with my sister, room mate, and fiance. Though I am very ADD and tend to only play in spurts and all of my characters are very low levels because I bounce around because I get bored with one and have to switch to another off and on. I’m so bad!

Here are all of my lovely characters. I have learned that my favorite races are Trolls, Blood Elves, and Draenei. My favorite classes are Hunter, Warlock, and Shaman. I’m getting used to playing as a Mage and Paladin, and I’m starting to try another class I have never played as before, a Priest.




Nerdy Maestro Chronicles: The Old Republic

My character Mirra Nite, in a cut scene,

So, I just started playing The Old Republic yesterday. I am currently only to level 3, so I haven’t played enough to get a set opinion of the game. Though I do feel that if you are a MMO game fan, you will get into this game quickly and easily. I may not be a World of Warcraft super fan or anything, because I am more of a casual player – but I experience from WoW made getting into this game easy.

I enjoy the character creator a lot more than the one provided in World of Warcraft though because for me – I love having a lot of options for character customization. This one allows you to change the height, hair color, eye color, tattoos (if the race allows you), scars, skin color, face shape, and a few other race specific options. After careful deliberation, I ended up going with a Zabrak bounty hunter. I almost went with a different race/class because I experienced the Bounty Hunter when I got selected to try The Old Republic beta. Then I thought “No no, you must be a bounty hunter!” – I’m a huge Star Wars bounty hunter fan, so much that I collect Boba Fett stuff and what ever other bounty hunter merch I find. Though I am bad and I exclude Dengar because I think he is just plain goofy and I don’t care much about any of the new Clone Wars stuff.

Anyways, back on topic….When I started the game, I already noticed that it seemed a lot less glitchy than what I experienced in the beta test. Though it still has it’s moments here and there but it’s a brand new game so I don’t feel like I can be too picky. It does lag here and there but I don’t know it that is due to the game or the computer needing more memory. I also completed a few tasks given to me so far and I will say that it has been very hard to earn any dark side points in the game. I started off deciding that I would be a neutral character so I figured that I would be in the middle on both. I’m a bounty hunter for the Imperials and I have not gotten a single dark side point yet. Sure, I haven’t invested a whole lot of time into the game yet, but really? Apparently despite my character’s attitude problems, she is still getting light side points. Though, one of the tasks given forces you to decide if you would like to be a cold blooded killer or not. I decided that I didn’t want to be in that situation, so I was given 100 light side points.

I will say though that it is pretty darn cool to have cut scenes and the ablity to choose how you would like to reply to the people you have to interact with. I feel like that gives you the ability to mold your character into the way you want them to be. The choice option layout is very similar to the look in Mass Effect 2, if you have played that game before. It is also pretty neat to hear your choices spoken for you when you choose them. Though, for me – I don’t mind not being able to have the lines voice acted, but it’s a really neat touch.

Here you can see the command bar, map icon and options icons above.

Here is the first Bounty Hunter trainer. Her name is Zinny and she teaches you new skills as you reach new levels.