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My new blog!

Hey all!

I was recently inspired by a good friend to open my own blog because he had one:you can check it out here. The reason I wanted one is to mainly post about my interests, hobbies, and what not. I’m currently a college student and I have been having to learn how to balance life, work, studying, and my millions of hobbies and interests. So I figured that it would be fun to document my thoughts here. I have been doing so on my Tumblr for some time now (my Tumblr) but one thing that disappointed me about it is that people can’t really comment on your posts. I orginally started on blogspot, but then I switched over to Tumblr and now I am on WordPress. So we’ll see how it goes, I would welcome you to check on my tumblr as well because that is where my pictures and media will most likely be because it’s a bit easier to upload everything on there. I will post on my blog when my Tumblr is updated though.

What you can expect on my blog:

Entries on my hobbies (arts, crafts, etc.): I sew, knit, crochet, dabble in art/jewelry making, write, etc.
Entries on my interests (pretty much my hobbies, movies, books, education, etc.): I will post my thoughts about certain video games I’m playing, books I am reading, movies I watched, etc.
Reviews from time to time

As time goes on, I’ll probably add more.

Thanks for looking! Please subscribe to my RSS if you are interested!