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Haven’t posted in a while…

Sorry that this blog pretty much died, but I’m at the point in my life that I feel that keeping up a blog might be really good and healthy for me.  So….here it goes… I’ll do my best.



Currently…..this time.

Listening to….. Halestorm – Lzzy Hale is my new lady crush.
Loving…. My pets and my family.
Thinking… about what is next to be done on my TO DO list.
Wanting…. To see more of my friends and family.
Needing… cuddles
Advice… The only person that can make you happy, is YOU.

Currently….in my life.



Listening to…..

Deep Valley – a new female rock band that I discovered on Spotify. They are fantastic!


My life, my family, and friends


About the house chores that I need to be doing.


More time in the day to get my chores and college work done.


Time to spend with my husband and family


Don’t let the muggles get you down.

The view from my soapbox: giving and giving


It hit me recently that I am truly a happy, I am not stressed or anything it was other people that were bringing me down. I tend to let other people beat me down from time to time or do whatever I can to make other’s happy and that I am ignoring my own wants and needs in the process. That is what was making me unhappy. Sure, I am naturally a giving person I have a big heart and I care so much for others but I have gotten to the point that I just bent over so far backwards being so considerate to others that I have ignored myself in the process. This is what has been stressing me out and making me unhappy. The thought of making someone I care about unhappy just breaks my heart and I need to learn to realize that if they truly care about me as much as they say that they will understand that I need to be myself and that there are times I need to learn to draw the line.

I just plain need to learn when to draw the line, when to know that I need to stop bending so far backwards that I can’t get up or when to say “No”. When do you figure out when is the right time to draw the line? In a couple of instances, I feel as if I have done so much to be considerate in certain situations that I can no longer be myself anymore. If I am losing myself in the process – that is a good time to draw the line right?

The View from my Soapbox: Grr Arrg. Politics.

Usually, I try to stay out of political conversations because things get so heated but I am really tired of seeing people make certain comments. Especially when they make me feel like they are trying to tell me I have to be ashamed for who I am or for my morals or views. It also annoys me when they try to label me as a certain party. I am a multi-faceted person and I have been told that I am a political candidate’s worst nightmare. I am educated and I don’t swing toward either party. I’m the one that you have to work harder to convince that all the issues that are important to me are important to you as well. A candidate can talk to me about how they are going to better the economy until they are blue in the face, but that is only one important issue to me.

My vote doesn’t happen until after I have given my careful thought into it. I shouldn’t have to feel ashamed for who I am or who I am going to vote for. I will vote for who I HOPE will do the best to better our country.

Okay, that is it – I am off my soapbox and end of discussion.

Cinderella Limited Edition collectibles

To celebrate the re-release of Disney’s Cinderella in Diamond Edition they have come out with a few limited edition items, unfortunately they are a little pricey.

The first being the Limited Edition Cinderella doll and this one is pricier than some they have had in the past: $99.50. The doll is currently only up for pre-order and will be released in October. You can pre-order the doll here. To me, the best part of the doll is that she is even wearing glass slippers. Just don’t let her lose one!

The second is a limited edition figurine set. They had these when they released Lady and the Tramp on Blu-ray. I haven’t seen these figurines in person, but I did see the Lady and the Tramp and they were very nice quality. The set theme is “getting Cinderella ready for the ball” and has a figurine of Cinderella in her torn pink dress, the Fairy Godmother, Gus, Jaq, the pumpkin, a coach horse, Bruno as the footman, and Old Major as the coachman. These figurines are all handpainted and made of ceramic. They have kind of shiny gloss paint over them that I can see in the pictures. If you would like to see more about them, then click here. This set is still a bit pricey as well, costing near $80.

The third is a figure of Gus and Jaq in a teacup. It is also hand painted and made of ceramic. If I could purchase any of the limited collectibles, it would be this one because it’s my favorite. I also like to collect tea related items and this would be so fun to have sitting on top of my tea hutch to decorate it. If you would like to see the item, click here. The figurine costs $39.50.

The last is a pin set for you Disney pin collectors out there. They come in a box made to look like the Cinderella storybook in the intro of the movie. They are actually very pretty looking pins, made of a silvertone finish cloissone and enamel. The characters included are the Stepmother and Stepsisters, Jaq and Gus with the key, Fairy Godmother with Pumpkin, Cinderella and Price Charming, and the Pumpkin Coach. My favorite of these is the Pumpkin Coach because it actually has chain reins going from the driver’s hands to the horses’ bridles. If you would like to see them, check here. These are the most costly out of the bunch of limited edition items, costing $129.95.

Diary of an ADD WoW Player

I got back into playing World of Warcraft with my sister, room mate, and fiance. Though I am very ADD and tend to only play in spurts and all of my characters are very low levels because I bounce around because I get bored with one and have to switch to another off and on. I’m so bad!

Here are all of my lovely characters. I have learned that my favorite races are Trolls, Blood Elves, and Draenei. My favorite classes are Hunter, Warlock, and Shaman. I’m getting used to playing as a Mage and Paladin, and I’m starting to try another class I have never played as before, a Priest.



Movie Journal: The Invention of Hugo Cabret vs. Hugo


For my degree, I had to take a class that focused on Children’s Literature. For the class, I was required to read the book: The Invention of Hugo Cabret. This book turned out to be my favorite of all the books that I had to read for that class. Not only was the book unique on it’s own, but if you learn about some of the history behind the book it creates an educational tool as well. If you ever see the book, it’s huge due to it being 550 pages in length. Don’t let that scare you if you aren’t a avid book reader. The book is filled with wonderful pictures all drawn by the author. The pictures are important in helping you understand the story. If you ignored the text of the book and just flipped through the book, it is supposed to give you the feeling of watching a movie. The book was inspired by the old black in white silent movies, so each picture is a black and white sketch and of course the text pages are designed to look like the text screens in those movies. The story of Hugo Cabret was compelling to me because in the beginning, you are as lost as he is – not knowing where the story is going to take you. What you don’t realize in the beginning is that the story takes you through a world grounded in history and imagination. You don’t realize it at all, until you learn the research that the author – Brian Selznick put into writing the story.

A huge chunk of the story revolves around a man named George Melies. What I didn’t realize while reading the story was that George Melies actually existed. He is a real person that existed in history. George Melies was a french film director, that worked during the time of silent film. He was known for his inventive and imaginative films, and actually made the very first science fiction movie called A Trip to the Moon. George Melies made many many films, you can see a full list of them here on IMDB. Not only did George Melies direct the films, but from time to time he also acted in them, wrote, produced, did the make up, designed, did special effects, music, and cinematography. He was a Jack of all Trades in movie making. His films even inspired the Smashing Pumpkins for thier Tonight, Tonight music video. He also collected and created machines called “Automata” or “Automatons” – the machines worked like wind up toys but weren’t as simplistic as the little wind up toys you see today. These machines were filled with complicated clockwork and would sing, or dance, draw, write, or even sing on a trapeze. The reason I bring up Automata, is because the story focuses on one particular Automaton throughout the story. The author, Brian Selznick actually went to the Franklin Institute in Philidelphia to study the Automata.

Brian Selznick even traveled around France to take pictures to help inspire and insure accuracy in his drawings throughout the story. He actually used people he met as models for the characters throughout the story. He actually used a man named Remy Charlip as the model for the character of Papa George. Remy Charlip is a writer and illustrator of children’s books that Brian Selznick adored growing up. Brian Selznick even watched a lot of old movies as well while writing the book – such as Safety First, a comedy movie of the time period. What amazed me is that he even referenced a train crash that haunted Hugo in the story. The train crash was real, it was the crash of Gare Montparnasse in Paris during 1895. You can see more information about the crash here. I suggest you check out the page, because if you have seen the movie – then the image will probably look very familiar.

What I have to say is that I absolutely loved the story of the book. What I didn’t realize after I read the book was that a movie was already in talks. I remember reading about it thinking “Oh, I hope they don’t mess this one up!”. Sure, Martin Scorsese was directing it so I had hope but I still had my fears. I worried that the magic of the story would be left out. I saw the movie the day it was released with my fiance. He told me to tell him what I thought of it when we left, but then he laughed because he knew he would be able to tell from the expressions on my face or that I might lean over and whisper about it being wrong if I was unhappy. After all he did have to go through some of the Harry Potter movies with me and he was lucky he didn’t have to endure seeing The Golden Compass with me (apologies to my sister). If I love a book, I tend to be disappointed if they make changes to it because often they change the whole story up or miss the things that make me love the book.

To both his and my amazement, I just sat there watching the movie quietly. When we walked out of the movie, I was still quiet saying nothing. Going over the movie in my head. The thing was, I picked apart every scene in my head and I was just plain sucked in and amazed. Right when the movie started it was a direct scene from the story, I felt like I was literally watching the book. Sure there were changes to the book – but they were changes that seemed to fit the story well. I was amazed that they even kept the history involved that made me love the book so much. Including the historic train crash and the Automaton even looked spot on. This is the first book to movie transitions that I left with little to no complaining. Sure, I admit that I was a bit disappointed that the movie wasn’t black and white because I felt it lost the feeling of an old movie but I feel that in the end the color just added to the imagination and whimsy in the story.

One thing I will say is that many people seem to end up a bit disappointed by the turn of plot in the story. What I say about that is sure, it’s not a huge “Oh my gosh moment” but if you truly enjoy movies and the creativity and imagination that it takes to put one together, you will be pleased. I was, I’m all about encouraging wonder and imagination. Sure, you can be the smartest person in the world but without creativity or imagination how can things be created? Movies are one of those creations and being a movie lover, I feel that Hugo captured that appreciation.

What to read more about Hugo Cabret? Go here.

Selznick, B. (29, January 2012). The invention of hugo cabret. Retrieved from

Watching and Re-watching Shows Part #2


Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

Well, I am now on season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we have started consecutively watching Angel Season 1 at the same time to make sure that my boyfriend can understand all of the crossover episodes. Well, I will say that I still don’t like Faith at all, she has low emotional intelligence and whatever happens to her is her own darn fault. There, I said it – throw all of the tomatoes at me you want. I know she has a huge fan base, but she’s just not for me. Also, because this time I didn’t miss the episode where Oz cheats on Willow with Veruca – I can understand why he suddenly disappears and she falls for another. I also really like the Willow/Tara relationship dynamic in the beginning before they get together. It’s sad that Willow ends up using magic to mess with her a bit after a while. Willow is still a favorite character of mine and the one that I can relate to. Though I find myself relating a bit more to Anya now and I don’t know if that is good or bad. LOL! The Anya/Xander relationship dynamic is great as well. I am glad that they end up staying together. I’ll also tell you that I do like Riley, he is just truly trying to do what he thinks is best. He works for the Initiative thinking he is doing something good and then Prof. Walsh goes and completely screws it all up. I know many people don’t really like Riley, but he is a good shoo in for Angel. Yeah yeah, Angel can’t be replaced because he’s Buffy’s first love but with what all happened, I have come to terms that they can’t stay together. I also can’t wait to re-watch how they flesh out Spike through the rest of the series. I absolutely love Spike in season 4, he is serious and also comical at the same time and he does great balancing the too. The crossover with Angel dealing with the jewel of Amara was fun to watch again. “And I’m all out of that nancy boy hair gel I like so much”. Speaking of Angel, I watched the entire first season of Angel when it aired on TV and I am surprised how little I remembered some of the episodes. It was also sad seeing Doyle go again, he’s so lovable from the very beginning – but that is Joss Whedon for you. He gives you time to fall in love with a character and then just takes them away. (I’m still sad about Wash!)


I told my boyfriend about this show and recently started Netflixing it for him to watch. Well, he pretty much ended up getting absolutely hooked on the show. I watched the first and second season when they aired on television but stopped after that because I just didn’t have time to watch TV anymore being a college student and all. I do still feel that what I watched was really good and I realized that again while watching the entire first season over again. I have been very surprised that some of the episodes I don’t remember even though I know I watched them when they came on TV. The episodes I did remember though, still freak me out. Like the “Bloody Mary” episode, I used to play that game with some of my friends in elementary school. So it really freaked me out the first time I watched it, I had trouble looking in the mirror. I felt the same way when I watched it again – I couldn’t look in the mirror. I also think it’s a great “guy” show, so it’s a good choice for my boyfriend. I mean he’s been enjoying Buffy, but when the main character is female – I am sure it’s hard for him to necessarily relate to her. When this show centers around two brothers, I am sure he can actually relate a little better. One thing I really enjoy about the show is that it doesn’t just focus on demons or vampires but all things supernatural or paranormal. I even get episodes about ghosts, and I love a good ghost story. They even take things from actual myths or folklore, like the Wendigo and a White lady. So all in all, I enjoyed the first season the first time I watched it and I am enjoying it the second time around.

Stargate Atlantis

I am now on season 3 of Stargate Atlantis now. I’ll admit the first time I tried to watch the show, I had a really hard time getting into it. I mean I love Stargate SG-1 and to me, Atlantis was no SG-1. I had grown to love O’Neil, Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c – that by the time I tried to watch Atlantis, the characters just didn’t grab me as much. The premise to the show is great, they get stuck on the lost city of Atlantis and they are having to fight to survive against an alien species known as the “Wraith”, that will suck the life force out of you with the palm of their hand. I’ll say that for me compared to SG-1, the show is still a little shaky for me but I have gotten into it a lot more than I was previously. I will say that my favorite characters are McKay and Beckett. Rodney McKay is great, he’s brilliant and comical and can always manage to get out in a fix. Beckett, well I love his accent and he is able to hold his own among the crew. He even works more on a retrovirus to turn the Wraith human. I also really like Ronin and Tayla and their relationship dynamic, they both can relate to each other. I also love how Ronin makes sure to protect when it seems that she is being threatened, even though she does a pretty good job at taking care of herself. Now Micheal is in the picture and I am curious to see where the storyline goes with him. I’m a bit of a sci-fi nerd so I recognized the actor (Connor Trineer) that plays Micheal from Star Trek: Enterprise. It’s just plain weird seeing him as a Wraith! Oh, and I am not sure how I feel about Sheppard, he is growing on me a little – but he is no O’Neil. On an off note: The wigs that they put on the Wraith kind of bother me, they look so fake – like doll hair.