Cinderella Limited Edition collectibles

To celebrate the re-release of Disney’s Cinderella in Diamond Edition they have come out with a few limited edition items, unfortunately they are a little pricey.

The first being the Limited Edition Cinderella doll and this one is pricier than some they have had in the past: $99.50. The doll is currently only up for pre-order and will be released in October. You can pre-order the doll here. To me, the best part of the doll is that she is even wearing glass slippers. Just don’t let her lose one!

The second is a limited edition figurine set. They had these when they released Lady and the Tramp on Blu-ray. I haven’t seen these figurines in person, but I did see the Lady and the Tramp and they were very nice quality. The set theme is “getting Cinderella ready for the ball” and has a figurine of Cinderella in her torn pink dress, the Fairy Godmother, Gus, Jaq, the pumpkin, a coach horse, Bruno as the footman, and Old Major as the coachman. These figurines are all handpainted and made of ceramic. They have kind of shiny gloss paint over them that I can see in the pictures. If you would like to see more about them, then click here. This set is still a bit pricey as well, costing near $80.

The third is a figure of Gus and Jaq in a teacup. It is also hand painted and made of ceramic. If I could purchase any of the limited collectibles, it would be this one because it’s my favorite. I also like to collect tea related items and this would be so fun to have sitting on top of my tea hutch to decorate it. If you would like to see the item, click here. The figurine costs $39.50.

The last is a pin set for you Disney pin collectors out there. They come in a box made to look like the Cinderella storybook in the intro of the movie. They are actually very pretty looking pins, made of a silvertone finish cloissone and enamel. The characters included are the Stepmother and Stepsisters, Jaq and Gus with the key, Fairy Godmother with Pumpkin, Cinderella and Price Charming, and the Pumpkin Coach. My favorite of these is the Pumpkin Coach because it actually has chain reins going from the driver’s hands to the horses’ bridles. If you would like to see them, check here. These are the most costly out of the bunch of limited edition items, costing $129.95.


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