Lock, Shock, and Barrel plush review

When I opened the door yesterday morning – there was a box outside my door. When I picked up the box, brought in it and opened it – three creepy little children popped out. They told me they were named Lock, Shock, and Barrel and that they were looking for a Sandy Claws to kidnap. I told them I had never heard of a Sandy Claws (who supposedly looked like a big red scary lobster man). Well, I broke it to them that they had the wrong house and there was no one here for them to kidnap.

I know, a silly way to start off my review but it’s fun! I am in love with these plushes, I bought them because they were on sale for $4.99 and I had an extra coupon code so I got them all for $2.99 each. Well, I couldn’t buy one without the other two – Lock, Shock, and Barrel are a packaged deal. I wanted to buy some new Halloween decorations for this year, so I figured these great plushes would count. When I got them in the mail, I wasn’t disappointed at all. The quality of each plush is superb.

They are all 12 inches tall and made of polyester fabrics. Each one plush has great detail, with embroidered faces, detailed clothes, and each one holds the masks they wear in the movie. The majority of the plushes are made of soft, sleek microfiber. My favorite details on the Lock plush is that they made his costume out of soft fleece and his boots are made of a velour textured fabric. The Shock plush wears the same witch hat she wears in the movie, her hair is made out of squiggly rick tack. She wears a soft microfiber dress and her boots have a soft velour feel as well. I’m a bit biased, the Barrel plush is my favorite – but then he is my favorite out of the three. My favorite details on him is the embroidered skeleton bones on his costume and the corduroy texture on his hair. His costume is also made of that soft microfiber fabric. To me, he is the cuddliest of all of them.

The masks they hold are sewn to their hands, but I have read a couple of reviews where the women seam ripped them off and sewed elastic bands onto each mask so they can wear them. So that is an idea – I might end up doing the same but then I don’t want to end up losing any of them.

Each plush is currently sitting in front of my game center on the couch. Yes, I told them it was okay to play video games. Ha ha. You can get your plushes from your local Disney store or from Disneystore.com. I think they would make a great addition to any Nightmare Before Christmas fan’s collection.

Watch the video below if you want to see some of the pictures I took of my plushes.


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