Movie Journal: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Yesterday, I decided to have a Harry Potter day with my boyfriend and one of our friends. Our friend had not seen Part 1 yet, so we watched it first and as soon as that movie was over – we went directly to the theater to see Part 2. I was trying so hard this time to actually re-read one the book before I saw the movie because I had never done that before any of the past movies. Unfortunately, because I am a college student – my studies got in the way. I am still planning on finishing the book eventually to see if I end up noticing any glaring differences. Though, this time I really didn’t notice too many and I really enjoyed it. Watching the movie was extremely intense for me because I already knew what happened and I felt like I was having to brace myself for the impact of the story. I hadn’t been this excited for a Harry Potter movie since “The Goblet of Fire”. I had always been a huge fan of the book series, and my favorite is Order of the Pheonix. The movie version of the book greatly disappointed me so I lost faith in the rest of the movie series. To the point that I wasn’t even motivated to see the rest of the movies – though I still ended up seeing all of them. I also had discrepancies with The Half Blood Prince compared to the book as well, so when they were getting to release the final 2 movies – my hopes weren’t all that high. Yes, I understand that a movie adaptation of a book won’t be perfect but I at least want it to make the most of it’s source material – not completely change the whole thing around.

I will definitely say that Part 2 was definitely a favorite of mine in the movie series. I was so excited about it, it made me feel like I was young again. I remember reading the first book and being so excited for the first movie – to the point that I drug my family to the theater an hour early because I didn’t want to be too late. The feelings that Part 2 gave me brought me back to that childlike excitement that I had reading the books for the first time. I wasn’t disappointed at all, this movie gave me what I needed as a Harry Potter fan. It showed the excitement, the intensity of the story, and let us experience the defining moment for each of the characters when the final battle began. To be able to see everthing about the story come down to it’s final moment.



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