I’m a collector

I am a collector, I love collecting things that I enjoy. I’m not really a packrat or anything, I’m more of a collector. I just wish that I had more space to keep my collectibles. I have always been a collector, when I was a child I collected Disney dolls and as I got older it was Marvel/DC comic figures and Star Wars figures, then anime merchandise. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of it over time because my Mom was pretty anti-pack rat. Siiiiigh, if only she could have looked at them as an investment, which is what I do now. Now that I am older, I collect tea cups and tea pots because I am a tea addict, lol!

Things I collect:

    Wonder Woman merchandise
    Disney merchandise
    Doctor Who Merchandise
    Battlestar Galactica
    Star Wars (everything Boba Fett especially)
    Tea cups and Tea pots
    Primate toys (such as monkey and gorilla plushes)
    Pretty much anything of my fandoms.

My Collector’s Wish List:

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